Recently, in a meeting,  my Executive Intern said to me, “I read your blog and  your facebook posts and I become motivated but then it seems that I go back to my old way”.  And you know what happened, A NEW BLOG WAS WRITTEN! 🙂  She raises a great point!  It is very easy to become motivated to start a new venture, project, goal, etc; however, maintaining that motivation to complete that ‘thing’ is an altogether different matter!  I considered myself, pondered my incomplete projects and my non-realized goals!  I inquired as to what happened that prevented me from staying the course towards completion of something for which I was initially very passionate and motivated.   Of course, I made many attempts to justify this one and explain that one; however, the results were the same-incomplete goals.  What was even more fascinating was that it didn’t matter the year, the project, or what was happening in my life at the time; it was a lack of maintained focus due to what I describe as unsuspecting distractions.

Distractions can be destructive!  I believe that distractions come in two forms:  suspecting and unsuspecting!  The Suspecting Distraction is easier to deal with most times because it will feel like an interruption.  Examples of suspecting distractions are:   constant interruptions when writing:  assistant has a couple of quick  questions, interns  need help on  a project, and the phone won’t stop ringing.  These are very obvious distractions that often can be dealt with immediately with a little adjusting.  For example, closing the office door, putting up a DO NOT DISTURB SIGN, redirecting the calls to voice mail and/or silencing the ringer will prevent the interruptions.

However, the Unsuspecting Distractions are not so easy to detect because they appear to be legitimate and justifiable interruptions.  Examples of the unsuspecting distraction are:  unplanned budget cuts, a sudden RIF (reduction in force), sudden job loss in your household, having to take a leave of absence to care for a family member who suddenly became ill.  Who wouldn’t understand you letting go of what you have planned to address these urgent matters?  Yep! That, my friend, is why they are dangerous!  An unsuspecting distraction partners with your sub-conscious to justify and accept the defeat of an unrealized goal.  Together, this partnership develops an effective communication strategy to your conscious mind to let go of your goals because these ‘matters’ are more important right now.  Before you realize it, time has passed, in many cases years, and you are no further along than you were at the initial motivation!  If you are not careful, you can even develop bitterness towards the unsuspecting distraction that you allowed to take your motivation and get you off course.

I encourage you to be active in your life!  Recognize what you are doing and allowing to be done to you at all times!  Fight through the unsuspecting distraction(s), deal with the matters at hand, if necessary, adjust your timeline for reaching your goals, and stay motivated until you reach your goal(s).  This perseverance, this relentlessness, this tenaciousness towards meeting your goals will birth something far greater on the inside of you than the realization of the goal itself!  Do not allow those sneaky unsuspecting distractions to cause and keep you off the course for success, thus placing you in an inactive state of non-success!  Push out that resolve that says I can and I will be successful at reaching this goal!

So, in LoLo fashion, I have identified a few quick tips that have assisted me in maintaining my motivation towards my goals:

1.  Make sure that your goals are realistic, measurable, & attainable.  EX:  I will exercise no less than (NLT) 3xs per week for NLT 20 minutes

2.  Write your goals down and how you plan to achieve them. EX: I will walk the stairs during my lunch break on M, W, & F.

3.  Review your progress towards meeting your goals NLT on a weekly basis (there should be some daily task that is associated with your goals)

3.  Celebrate your milestones and don’t dwell in those times that you did not reach a milestones; this is the difference between conviction and condemnation.  Conviction motivates you to improve and condemnation motivates you to dwell in failure.

4.  Keep on Keeping On!

You will achieve what you believe if you give time, attention, and hard work!  I wish you the best in maintaining your motivation and reaching your goals! ~LoLo~


  1. That was a really great blog. In my limited experience in finishing what I start, lol, Do you believe that if you are generally a negative minded person you get stuck when those unsuspecting distractions come because you cannot see past what is happening to you that stops you from doing what you wanted to do?


    • Papí, you raise a great point. i think you have provided a quick solution for those who are more prone to negativity. Negativity always presents a barrier to growth because it forces the person to consider themselves first and how what has happened has impacted them. A person with a positive disposition may experience the same emotions;however, they come out of it quicker because they see the positive in it. Thanks for your question and participation!


  2. This was a really inspiring blog! The suspecting distractions are definitely my problem. It’s things such as getting text messages and notifications during work or having friends in the room while “attempting to do homework”. I always know that these are my biggest weakness due to the fact that I am a very sociable person, but I never know how to approach it. If I turn my phone on silent, I will check it any way when I hit a dead spot in my writing; if I tell my friends to go away, I check Facebook to make sure that they aren’t having too much fun without me. There are several things that I will do to get around having control of my suspecting directions. I think maybe this is because I don’t have a set system of how I go about doing my studies and work. As for the goals: you definitely hit the nail on the head! I ALWAYS tend to make unrealistic goals for myself such as working out six days a week and completing difficult tasks within a day and I never fulfill them because they are pretty impossible. That leads to the feeling of failure which causes me to not want to do anything and soon it all becomes me slacking off at everything. I feel as though it’s because I want results quick and I have to do the most in order to get it. What do you suggest for someone who has an impatient personality – such as myself – to do as far as setting reasonable goals?


    • Justyce, thank you so very much for your transparency and engagement! Definitely impatience would impact your ability to set realistic goals, don’t be too hard on yourself..part of your impatience is that you are a growing young woman. However, your honesty and excellent self awareness will aid your growth. As it relates to the suspecting distractions (due to your love for the social), I recommend establishing 10 minute breaks on the hour or take a 5 minute break every 30 minutes to allow yourself a chance to check into your social networks while remaining focused on the objectives at hand. Either way, you will experience a brief discomfort; however, with persistence, you will grow to cherish and protect your system of getting things done! Truly, that is what it is all about; identifying an approach that works well for you and sticking to it until you achieve success. I congratulate you and look to see and hear fabulous things about you! xoxo


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