The Journey of a Purposeful Pathway

Happy New Beginnings! Wow, today is the 1st day of 2012.  As I was preparing for 2012, I reflected on 2011, i.e., what worked/what didn’t/what I could improve/what I learned, etc.   In my moments of reflection, I realized that 2011 was one of the most successful years of my life:  I started a business, created a website, created a twitter account that reached 1,000 plus followers in a couple of months, created a fan page that reached 700 fans in less than two months, and had multiple successful consulting opportunities with large organizations!

These successes did not come easy and were faced with opposition at every turn; many times increasing my desire to give up!  The good news is that I did not!  However,  it was not until the last month of 2011, that  I realized that 2011 was an extremely successful year! During my reflection, I realized that I had overlooked and diminished my accomplishments; I was overwhelmed by the ‘mountains’ and ‘valleys’ experiences which occurred on my journey of a purposeful pathway.  Furthermore, I  made a grave mistake of allowing the opinions of others to control MY perception of MY success. WOW!  I wasted tremendous emotion on receiving the approval of people who were deliberate in mocking, criticizing, misrepresenting, ignoring, and not supporting any of my efforts  and, in some cases, they never had.  I allowed their actions to control part of me.  I internalized their behaviors and accepted their subliminal messages and actions as my own, which caused me to overlook many of the positives and accomplishments in my life.  The access that I granted them caused unnecessary struggle on my purposeful pathway.

When you choose a purposeful pathway, there will be mountains that you must climb and valleys which you must dwell; these are not failures but a necessary part of the journey to bring out the best you.  It is during these phases that you are granted the opportunity to cleanse your character of those nasty  flaws,  and purge yourself of that which is not beneficial.  Recognize and know that tremendous growth occurs during these phases of your journey if you will allow the process to take its course.  Don’t rush it!  As painful as it may  be, enjoy it and get everything intended for you.  It is on the other side of these phases that you become the BEST YOU!

Protect your inner circle, at all times in life, but especially during these phases.  People will often mock, criticize, and question whether you are moving in the right direction because it may not be the ‘material’ success that you may experience during these times.  Guaranteed, however, you will  develop a purer spirit, better character,  mental agility, and emotional resolve, among other fine qualities .  Most importantly, you will realize the tremendous possibilities that await YOU!

So, in LoLo fashion, I would like to share a few tips:

  • make sure that you are connected to the right people and groups; this will strengthen you during this phase of travel
  • track your emotions, record your experiences and growth through a journal; you will be amazed at your progress
  • limit your conversations with details of your experience and especially with people who are not moving in the same direction and especially those who consistently demonstrate their lack of support for you and your journey
  • constantly keep your goals in front of you, revise, revamp, re-evaluate, but keep them in front of you at all times
  • pray, pray, pray; not to remove you from the situation but that you get everything intended while traveling on your journey

I can assure you that it is much better to live on purpose than to merely exist.  Each of our journeys will be different; however, each journey requires a trip up that mountain and through that valley.  Do not allow people the type of access that I did; regardless of who they are and the position that they hold in your life.  Always be open to receive constructive criticism, but know the difference!  I regret that I allowed this access to others and that it took so long for me to see my biggest failure,  allowing others to negatively impact MY perception of MY life.

However, I hope that my experience will help you in not doing the same. 🙂

4 thoughts on “The Journey of a Purposeful Pathway

  1. So beautifully expressed! You have clearly found your passion. Now the clouds will part for you 🙂 (I’ve done the same thing and it just seems that if you follow your heart and ignore the negative ones, things find a way of working out, even in the darkest hour) A wise man once told me that I needed to find my passion. It was under my nose all along, but I listened to those around me who were afraid just because it wasn’t a field they were familiar with. I ended up hitting rock bottom as a result of taking the “safe” road… So since I had nothing left to lose, I decided to let me heart take over. And it’s been wonderful!

    I wish you all the best in 2012! Keep living on purpose! 😀


    • Thank you so very much! I love it when I am connected to people who share and understand! Thank you again for taking the time to share! Happy New Year and I know that much success is coming your way! 🙂


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